Anime Idol

The METROCON 2018 Anime Idol contest is here music lovers! We want you to share that epic song in your heart with everyone at METRO!

Because of the popularity of this contest, we will be having a round of preliminaries where we will choose 12 finalists to perform at METROCON. In case of any cancellations, we will offer the next placement(s) from the preliminaries a chance to compete at the con.

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Rules and Entrant Information

To enter the contest you must email us the Karaoke version of your chosen song as well as a track of you singing it.  All entries must be submitted via email by May 15th, 2018. All entries must include the subject line “METROCON 2018 Anime Idol Contest.”

The 12 finalists for Anime Idol will be emailed after our prejudging concludes to confirm attendance for the competition which will take place at METROCON.

For the complete rules and guidelines, please click here for our comprehensive guide. By submitting your entry you hereby confirm that you have read and understood all terms and conditions and agree to them. You can email Team Cosplay with any questions at

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