Convention Hours & Map

METROCON Convention, Registration, and Merchant Hall Hours

Detailed scheduling information can be found here.

Convention Hours

Thursday: 12PM – 2AM

Friday: 10AM – 3AM

Saturday: 10AM – 3AM

Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

Registration Hours

Wednesday: 5PM – 9PM (Early Pick-Up for VIP and Pre-Registered 4-day passes only!)

Thursday: 11AM (VIP) 12PM (General) – 8 PM

Friday: 9AM – 7PM

Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

Sunday: 9AM – 3PM

Merchant Hall Hours

Thursday: 1PM (VIP) 2PM (General) – 8PM

Friday: 10AM(VIP) 10:30AM(General) – 7PM

Saturday:10AM(VIP) 10:30AM(General) – 7PM

Sunday:10AM(VIP) 10:30AM(General) – 5PM

Find your favorite parts of METROCON on our handy map! Save the image to your phone for quick reference during the convention.

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