Merchant Registration

If you are a vendor or artist and looking to sell your wares at METROCON, you have come to the right place!


Please be aware that there will be some changes to our booth and table reservation process for 2017.

We are utilizing a new reservation for this year that will involve a cart selection system. You will not reserve your spaces yourself anymore – after PAYING for table space, the METROCON staff will place your booth/table in the proper area. Please include your preferred locations (top three) in the comments section.

If there are any questions about your merchandise, prior incidents at METROCON or other events, or any other requests for information from the Operations staff we will also be handling them at this time. All of our reservations are done online through our website and are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Once a type of booth/table is no longer available, they will not be available for purchase. Reservations will not be held without payment any longer. We’re hoping for a seamless transition to the new method, and if you have any questions as always, feel free to email the Director of Operations at

Prices for 2017 :
Vendor Booths – $500 inline, $600 corner
**Discounts available for purchases of 4 or more booths**
Artist Tables – $225 each
(Note: Artists will be limited to 2 tables/artist due to high demand)

For a full list of policies, set-up and load-in information, and regulations regarding all merchant activity click below to access the Merchant Information Packet.

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