METRO Star Party

The METRO Star Party is METROCON’s premier comedy and parody show! Always evolving and changing, no genre or cliche is too sacred to lampoon, and our performers are ready to give you a laugh-filled show that’s sure to have you rolling in the aisles!

METRO Star Party 2017

While the Weegee is away, the ghosts will play!

Luigi’s Mansion is once again haunted by all manner of spooks and specters! But with Luigi off in space, who ya gonna call?! MULTIPLE TEENAGERS! From members of a mystical army to an elite group of students and even some hapless kids just stumbling on by, everyone seems to have arrived at the mansion on a fateful night JUST LIKE THIS ONE and it is up to them to discover what possible sinister plot may be lurking behind the scenes, and which one of the inhabitants that could be pulling the strings!

The METRO Star Party returns for another year of cheeky shenanigans with a mystery for the ages! Eat your heart out Sherlock! Join our heroes as the curtain rises once more on The METRO Star Party: Mystery at the Mansion – time to get spooped frands.

METRO Star Party 2017

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