Anime Human Blood Drive


In 2010, after seven exciting years of bringing METROCON to the Tampa Bay Area, we thought it was time METROCON give a little more back to the community. After some creative input from one of our staff members, the idea to host a blood drive was born! Back for it’s SEVENTH year, the Anime Human Blood Drive gives patrons of METROCON the opportunity to not only give back themselves but also partake in the joy of saving lives. On average, giving blood takes less than an hour, and a single donation can provide for up to 3 different transfusions, for 3 different people, and save 3 different lives.

OneBlood (formerly Florida Blood Services, or FBS) will be joining us at Tampa Convention Center for all 4 days of METROCON. In return for helping OneBlood save lives, you will receive a snack, a drink, and a free METROCON blood-donor t-shirt (while supplies last).

The people from OneBlood have told us that they can only accept a certain number of donations per hour, so we have worked with them to get an online sign-up system for our event through their website. If you need assistance registering, contact OneBlood and they will be happy to help!

NOTICE: You must be at least 16 years of age to donate blood. 16-18 year olds can donate with parent permission slip signed.

WARNING: Please make sure that you have had an appropriate amount to eat and drink before and after your donation. One soda and a stick of Pocky do not qualify as an appropriate amount of food to survive a day at the con, let alone stay up all night at the Rave without passing out.

We at METROCON know the anime community is up to the challenge, and that once again, we can completely take OneBlood by surprise with the number of eager fans we have ready and willing to give a little time and save lives. Once again, it’s all up to the fans, and this time peoples’ lives depend on you! Let’s come together and make this happen!

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