METRO Fire Show

The METRO Fire Show is a themed live-fire performance, choreographed to a fitting soundtrack, that is sure to astound all of the senses and keep you at the edge of your seat. The show includes live fire-breathing, as well as fire dancing with poi, staff, rope dart, juggling, and the occasional twelvefoottall firebreathing dragon (no, really, it happened in 2016!).

METRO Fire Show 2018

“The Lords have left their thrones, and must be deliver’d to them.
To this end, I am at thy side.”

When the bell tolls, the Ashen One will rise – but that is a journey far from here. While they seek the Lords of Cinder, we must do our work here, in Firelink Shrine. It is thankless, but we do not need thanks. We are the damned and the burnt – beyond undeath, like ember falls to ash, so too shall we. Until then, we will burn. We will tend the flame.
We will stand against the cold and the dark. The sunless days and everlong nights.
We are the fire. We are the twice-dead. We have given up everything, and we do so again.

We are the Unkindled.

The METRO Fire Show is back for 2018, and this time it’s going to get dark. Inspired by Dark Souls III,
the bells have tolled, and the Unkindled – beings lower than undeath who were burnt by the First Flame while attempting to ensure it remained lit – have risen forth. An eternal darkness threatens to ensnare the world, and the Ashen One has set off to return the Lords of Cinder to their thrones, so they might link the First Flame and keep the darkness at bay.

While the Ashen One travels to Lothric, the Fire Keeper will remain at Firelink Shrine, with the other Unkindled, and attempt to keep the First Flame alive, in hopes that the Ashen One can complete his quest. Will the Ashen One be successful? Can the Unkindled keep the darkness at bay for long enough to see the bonfire sustained? What will happen if they fail? What will happen… if they succeed? Find out at this year’s METRO Fire Show…

“And so it is…
that ash seeketh embers.”

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