Locker Rental

Locker Rental makes keeping track of your things easy – never play the Lost and Found game again at METROCON!

Locker Rental can be found at the METROCON merchandise booth outside of Main Events (East Hall). Bring the items you want to store temporarily to the booth and you’ll be asked to provide just a few pieces of information (real name, phone number and signature required along with matching ID). You will be issued a wristband with your Locker ID and your items will be placed safely in a locker. Lockers are 12 inch cubes.


  • Each locker is$5/day and you can add/remove items at any time.
  • Each locker is ~12x12x12 inches. There is room for a few larger items, but after a certain point you will be asked to purchase a second locker to account for the extra space.
  • Lockers can be shared/split – ONLY the person with the wristband/ID that matches the original rental can add/remove items. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE
  • Lockers can not be used for food items, live animals, the Holy Grail, illegal substances of any kind or weapons of any kind.

NOTE: If you leave your contents in a locker and do not come to claim them before closing at the end of the night, you will be charged for a second day of locker rental upon arrival. Contents left inside of lockers at the end of the weekend will be given over to Tampa Convention Center’s lost and found.

At past conventions people have stashed things under the staging, stacked chairs and tables, behind the draped off-limits areas and under booths (sometimes causing damage or other problems in the process). These areas will be monitored closely by security and any items found will be cleared out and turned over to the Convention Center’s Lost and Found. Lockers are available so you do not have to worry about where to put things and in what condition they’ll be when you get them back!

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