Photographer Application

Are you ready to join the team of official photographers that chronicle the epic events and excitement of METROCON?

Volunteers on average will shoot 15-20 hours spread throughout the 4-day weekend, and in return are given a free badge and exclusive access for coverage. You must attend specific orientations and meetings prior to the convention, most of which will be done via the Internet. (Skype, Facebook Live, etc) After submitting, our Social Media Director and Head of Photography Ben Badger will be in contact regarding his decision on your application.

Volunteer photographer duties include photographing events, manning photo booths, and roaming coverage of the convention and its attendees. Be ready to be flexible!

In the “Details” section of the form on this page, please provide:
1) What days of the convention will you be available? (METROCON 2018 – July 19-22) Will you be able to provide your own lodging?

2) What equipment do you use for photography and/or video recording? (Please list technical specifications including lens type, resolution for video, and megapixel for still.)

3) Do you have experience photographing live events or other conventions? If yes, please list what type of event(s) or convention(s).

4) Do you have a social media page or website to showcase your photography? If yes, please provide link. If no, please provide links to samples of your photography.

5) Have you ever attended or volunteered for METROCON in the past? If yes, what year/position?

6) How would you describe your style of photography?

7) What are your strengths and weaknesses as a photographer?

8) What other experience or talents do you have that you could bring to METROCON?

9) Do you have experience volunteering for other conventions? If yes, please list which convention and what year.

10) Please list references we can contact in regards to your past volunteer experience. (As a photographer or otherwise.)

11) Why do you feel you would be a good choice for METROCON?

12) Is there any other information you would like METROCON to know?

Photographer App

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