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CoolStuffGames will be the official provider of sanctioned table-top events during METROCON 2018!

Come see them in Ballroom A on the first floor ALL WEEKEND LONG for hosted, official, and free-play tabletop and card gaming action.

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Gaming Event Schedule Available Here – Click Here!!

OPEN GAMING!! Come on in, sit down, and try out a wide variety of games hosted by the CoolStuffGames crew! Open Gaming is available from OPEN TO CLOSE, even while tournaments are going on, so don’t be shy – come in and roll some dice!

Email if there’s anything special you want to see!

CoolStuffGames is the brick and mortar arm of Founded in 2002, CoolStuffGames is now in seven locations in Florida: Three in Orlando, Tampa, Hollywood, Jacksonville, and Miami. We offer a variety of events for all sorts of games. This includes Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon, to name just a few. We also host board game nights and have celebrations–such as International Tabletop Day–that happen regularly. We have hundreds of games in stock for each store, but all stores have the ability to order from the warehouse at our headquarter location which features thousands of titles. You can access these at any time and ship to your local CoolStuffGames to pick-up for free.

We are dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to all players. Our Mission Statement says it all: We strive to provide a positive and inclusive environment for all players, regardless of age, gender, or skill. To create a welcoming and positive environment for all who play here, encouraging sportsmanship and the power of community.

We feature clean, brightly lit spaces, and friendly staff who are able to help you with any questions. Come visit us at one of the seven locations or find out more at

10101 E. Adamo Drive, Suite 601
Tampa, FL 33619

Tons of games available!

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