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From questions about whether a costume or prop is ok, all the way through assistance in securing a merchant booth at METROCON, our staff is ready to help. Just send us an e-mail, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can. We don’t want to hide behind some generic form e-mail – we want you to get to know us, and to learn about just a FEW of the 100+ staff and volunteers behind the show.

What can we help you with?

  • Alex Craddock
    Alex Craddock Co-Owner, Director of Operations

    Handles all merchant issues, advertising, press, and general business inquiries. Directs the Fire Show and Fantasy Masquerade. Believes in alien abduction and will probably be the next Hokage.

  • Nick Fazio
    Nick Fazio Co-Owner, Head of Security

    Head of convention security. Manages panel submissions and convention shows. Directs Chess Match and Rhythm City Chronicles. Possibly armed, likely to throw fireballs. Also handles general FAQ and Policy questions.

  • Shannon Fazio
    Shannon Fazio Head of Registration

    Ticket sales and registration queen – handles pre-registration and at the door sales, and all related questions. Also takes care of press passes, and will mosh in the pit with the best of them.

  • Natalie Faulhaber
    Natalie Faulhaber Cosplay Coordinator

    The boss lady in charge of ALL contests and cosplay events. Incredible seamstress and literally made of sunshine and kindness. Also coordinates the METROCON Mascots.

  • Erin Fish
    Erin Fish Volunteer Coordinator

    Interested in volunteering? Engage in gladiatorial combat ASAP – all champions may then volunteer for Erin at the convention. Also, manages our Prop Check at the convention.

  • Morgan Spaulding
    Morgan Spaulding Director of Special Guests

    Often spotted with her loyal First Mate, Mary Reese, Morgan heads the special guest department which manages bookings for voice actors, media guests, and guest liaisons. Has on multiple occasions requested to staff her entire department with her cats.

  • Ben F. Badger Jr.
    Ben F. Badger Jr. Social Media Liaison

    On the front lines of the war against trolls and spambots, Ben is a regular Hercules. With great mod power comes great mod responsibility. Ben is also our lead official photographer for the con.

  • Sore Thumbs Video Gaming
    Sore Thumbs Video Gaming METROcade Provider

    Official provider of the METROcade, our console and arcade cabinet gaming hub at METROCON. Led by Stephen Conklin, we’re hoping he comes back to us again after becoming a 5-Time United States Champion at the Royal Rumble this year.

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