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From questions about whether a costume or prop is ok, all the way through assistance in securing a merchant booth at METROCON, our staff is ready to help. Just send us an e-mail, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can. We don’t want to hide behind some generic form e-mail – we want you to get to know us, and to learn about just a FEW of the 100+ staff and volunteers behind the show.

What can we help you with?

  • Alex Craddock
    Alex Craddock CEO/Owner

    Handles all marketing, press, and general business inquiries directly, while leading the teams from the other departments. Also directs the Fire Show and Fantasy Masquerade. Believes in alien abduction and will probably be the next Hokage.

  • Shannon Fazio
    Shannon Fazio Director of Registration

    Ticket sales and registration queen – handles pre-registration and at the door sales, and all related questions. Also takes care of press passes, and will mosh in the pit with the best of them.

  • Heidi Reeves Craddock
    Heidi Reeves Craddock Director of Operations

    Our resident changeling, Heidi flits between cat-mom, displaced fae, nap-lover, and Operations lead – Heidi handles our Merchant Hall and directly helps oversee the operations of the convention at the event. She can help with any questions that you might have regarding booths and tables!

  • Chris “Jonesy” Jones
    Chris “Jonesy” Jones Director of Security

    Jonesy is a long time team member of METROCON, and the most lethal teddy bear at the picnic. Here to keep you safe, Jonesy directs our internal security folks, and the invisible robot sentries we definitely DON’T have. Have questions about our policies, rules, etc? Ask Jonesy!

  • Morgan Spaulding
    Morgan Spaulding Director of Special Guests

    Often spotted with her loyal First Mate, Mary Reese, Morgan heads the special guest department which manages bookings for voice actors, media guests, and guest liaisons. Has on multiple occasions requested to staff her entire department with her cats.

  • Justin Spooning
    Justin Spooning Entertainment Coordinator

    A bard of many talents and experiences, Justin helps coordinate our internal and our outsourced entertainment. Interested in performing at or bringing your group to METROCON? Reach out to Justin – but like, with an email, not your weird appendages.

  • Ben F. Badger Jr.
    Ben F. Badger Jr. Director of Community Engagement

    Ben leads our Community Engagement department which includes panels, cosplay, and social media (where you probably recognize him from!). With great mod power comes great mod responsibility. Ben is also our lead official photographer for the con!

  • Natalie Faulhaber
    Natalie Faulhaber Cosplay Coordinator

    The boss lady in charge of ALL contests and cosplay events. Incredible seamstress and literally made of sunshine and kindness. Also coordinates the METROCON Mascots.

  • Amilcar Spaulding
    Amilcar Spaulding Panel Coordinator

    Definitely an assassin – luckily, he forgot who his target was. Fingers crossed! Until then, Amilcar will keep heading up our panel department, and jumping into haystacks from unreasonable heights. E-mail him with panel hosting/scheduling questions!

  • Erin Fish
    Erin Fish Volunteer Coordinator

    Interested in volunteering? Engage in gladiatorial combat ASAP – all champions may then volunteer for Erin at the convention. Also, manages our Prop Check at the convention.

  • Sore Thumbs Video Gaming
    Sore Thumbs Video Gaming METROcade Provider

    Official provider of the METROcade, our console and arcade cabinet gaming hub at METROCON. Led by Stephen Conklin, we’re hoping he comes back to us again after becoming a 5-Time United States Champion at the Royal Rumble this year.

  • Oblivion Games
    Oblivion Games Tabletop Gaming Provider

    Oblivion Games is the official tabletop gaming provider of METROCON! Contact them for more information on tabletop, card gaming, and pen-and-paper style RPGs you’d love to see!

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