What’s a theme?

Every year at METROCON, we choose a “theme” that we use to theme our guests, events, entertainment and overall vibe at the convention. Since 2004, we’ve used a “Versus” theme, in the vein of great fan debates and awesome crossover series and games. Past versus themes have included Kawaii vs Kowaii, Anime vs Video Games, Light vs Dark, Sci Fi vs Fantasy, Ninja vs Samurai, Monsters vs Hunters, Agents vs Outlaws, East vs West, Old School vs New School, Brains vs Brawn, and Order vs Chaos.

The METROCON Mascots

What are the mascots?

The METROCON Mascots are a team of cosplayers and actors hand-picked by our Cosplay Coordinator for their technical costuming ability, creativity, performance ability, and overall presence and attitude. They embody the theme, and are one of the biggest parts of the theme at the convention.

Where can I see them?

The METROCON Mascots will be around the convention, but you’ll likely first encounter them hosting several of our events in the Main Events hall. They function as MCs at the event, though, not judges, so don’t try and bribe them! The Mascots stay in character all weekend and often will try to get you on “their side” of the theme throughout the weekend too! Additionally, the Mascots likeness and the theme are how we come up with the artwork for the t-shirts, convention guidebooks, and all of our promotional art.

Can I meet them in person?

Mascots are there to interact with the fans, and to help in any capacity! Along with hosting events and contests throughout the weekend, the METROCON Mascots spend the majority of their time out on the convention floor hoping to interact with fans and make their weekend even more memorable, or even aid fans in finding what they need. See a mascot? Go play with them!

2019 Theme – Virtue vs Vice

This year’s theme for 2019 is Virtue vs Vice – a staple in anime and video games throughout time is the temptation for the hero to succumb to their¬†desires, and the virtuous among the people who know what their character is worth. That’s not to say either is good or evil – Virtue and Vice are often far closer to each other than either side would like to admit – this duality is what we hope to focus on in our storytelling at METROCON this year!

So what does a convention with a theme mean? Well, it means that our signature convention shows like the Anime Human Chess Match, the METRO Fire Show, and all of the others will be themed with this in mind, to a certain extent. The Chess Match, especially, chooses the two sides of the match based on the theme!

We encourage fans to enjoy the theme, but we DEFINITELY won’t limit you – always feel free to cosplay any character you want (within our policies of course). We want to create an opportunity for cosplayers to maybe cosplay something they wouldn’t normally, think outside of the box, modify existing characters, or any other creative idea that the theme might happen to encourage. Consider the theme an opportunity to be a part of a themed cosplay group or experience alongside 10,000+ of your new best friends.

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