The Masquerade

The Masquerade is a one of a kind experience – maintaining the roots of a theatrical style, interactive, themed dance event, our goal is to transport the patrons of METROCON to a whole other world and provide a night of entertainment, romance, and adventure that is truly immersive and once in a lifetime. The Masquerade takes place on the Friday Evening of METROCON. The show will consist of scenes on stage, in the crowd, and with audience members involved, and the breaks will involve dancing, interactivity, suspense, drama, and a host of ways to meet new friends and truly make your cosplay come alive. The characters from the show will be out on the floor for the duration of the event as well to create unique memories with our fans. Dress code and interactivity details are below. Tickets are ten dollars ($10) online, and twelve dollars ($12) at Registration at the convention.

The Masquerade 2019

You are cordially invited to the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2019 – reception to follow IMMEDIATELY!

High school is a time for discovery – for romance and heartbreak, hardship and triumph – and that all comes to a head on one night. This might be the last chance to make a name for yourself, the last chance to find your legacy, the last chance to kiss them, and the last chance to say goodbye.

The students of this high school are anything but ordinary – thankfully for them, it’s finally graduation day! Join your favorite characters as they struggle with relationships, teachers, and the occasional hostage situation at the Masquerade 2019! Hang out with your fellow students and enjoy your last night together before you all depart to the next phase of your life – so long as you make it out alive!

In the style of classic films like The Breakfast Club, or anime ranging from High School of the Dead to Azumanga Daioh, those last few moments where the spirit of youth can truly be embraced are to be remembered forever.

What will they remember you for?
It’s time to make your story.

The Masquerade 2019: Characters

Click images for character names and source!

The Masquerade – F.A.Q.

What is the dress code for The Masquerade?

The goal here is not to be part of an audience, but to be part of the experience. That being said, patrons are required to wear a cosplay (yes, ANY cosplay), or to be dressed for the theme of the event. This year’s theme for the event is “The Masquerade: Graduation”, so think formalwear or student uniforms – take a look at the character list above and maybe get some inspiration! We are more focused on the immersive nature and interactivity than explicitly the “formal ball” requirement. We will definitely still have dance breaks, and we do still highly recommend “dressing to impress” because you never know who you might meet at The Masquerade. Any specific Dress Code questions can be sent to

You keep saying "interactive experience" - what do you mean?

First and foremost, anyone attending in cosplay will be addressed by our actors (and we encourage by other patrons as well) by the character they are dressed as. If you come to the event dressed as Vash, we want you to really put the “play” in cosplay, and be that character with us all night long! Our performers will be in the crowd making you and your character a part of the story, whether you’re cosplaying or wearing themed attire – you’ll be asked questions, and potentially get wrapped up in the story itself as a major influencer!

Do I need a Masquerade Mask to attend?

No, you don’t  – another distinct change from previous years. We are, however, going to be enforcing the cosplay or themed attire requirement as listed above – you’re part of a living world and environment once you enter that room, and we want you to keep up the illusion! Think more “disguise”, and less “masque” when you hear the term “Masquerade”.

Do I need to buy a separate ticket for The Masquerade?

Yes. The Masquerade is a ticketed event that is separate from your weekend pass – conversely, you do not need a weekend pass to buy a Fantasy Masquerade ticket. They can also be pre-ordered on our website. Note: The VIP Upgrade DOES include The Masquerade ticket – don’t buy BOTH!

I have a song I would like to hear played at The Masquerade!

That is excellent. We would love to hear your suggestion, and you can send it to We can’t promise it will be played, as there is a limited amount of song slots, but the sooner you send your suggestion, the better.

Can I bring my child to The Masquerade?

The Masquerade is Rated PG-13. Keep that in mind – but otherwise, we’re a super family-friendly environment at METROCON,  and we always welcome kids to events based on parental discretion that the content is appropriate for their specific kids.

I would like to audition for the Fantasy Masquerade!

That’s great! Audition information is on the Event Auditions page under the Events tab.

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